Furry Babies

May 30, 2013  •  2 Comments

In society today, many of us treat our animals as members of the family, because they are. We are responsible for thier well being. I have had many pets in my life and one thing I have learned is that once they are gone you will do anything to see them again. In my business, I am able to help by enshrining your loving pet in the form of a photo. This can be a photo with his/her favorite toy, sitting in thier favorite chair or even playing in the park. I will shoot these photo's with or without you and your family in them. It is all up to you. So, take it from a furry babies mom. Get that keepsake that you will always treasure, before they are no longer around to smile for the camera! Love them now and keep a part of them forever!!!


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Furry Babies are the cutest little stuffed animals that you can hold, snuggle and love forever. They’re just like our fur babies they’re soft and cuddly! Furry Babies are perfectly sized to be carried around everywhere you go as they are small enough to fit in your hands yet big enough to be seen.
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