Austin & Bianca Green Wedding by Round Rock Photographer Moments Enshrined Photography

September 23, 2015  •  5 Comments

Owning Moments Enshrined Photography in Round Rock, Texas and serving the Austin and Round Rock areas, I have been blessed to capture some beautiful life events. One of those very dear to my heart was the wedding of Austin Green and Bianca Gonzalez, and I thought, what better tribute to their upcoming wedding anniversary than to share my memories of this blessed event.

When this beautiful couple chose Moments Enshrined Photography and described this beautiful vision for their wedding, I was thrilled. An amazingly photogenic couple getting married in a beautiful country setting, Angel Springs Event Center in Georgetown, what more could a photographer ask for?

I found this wedding to be absolutely gorgeous, and such a beautiful couple, and well…..the photos say it all.

Green Wedding--3-2Green Wedding--3-2


I was in awe watching Bianca get ready. She was so calm and collected. Her radiant smile lit up the room and made everyone around her stop to admire her. I did my best to capture every detail for them, from her dress and shoes to their beautiful wedding rings. 

Green Wedding-06125Green Wedding-06125Beautiful dress and those Shoes! Green Wedding-06130Green Wedding-06130Showing off the rings!

Green Wedding-06145-2Green Wedding-06145-2Time for Makeup Green Wedding--7Green Wedding--7Lacing up the dress.

Green Wedding--2Green Wedding--2The veil

I bounced back and forth between Bianca and Austin, being as careful as I could to capture all those special moments between loved ones helping them get ready and friends readying themselves. The photo above was one of my favorites as I watched her proud father kiss her head, while capturing her bridal party softly watching them from the reflection in the mirror.  I couldn’t help but smile as I watched them both joking and laughing with loved ones with small quiet moments of reflection here and there. I felt so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful moment in their lives.

Green Wedding-06168-2Green Wedding-06168-2Straighten the tie... Green Wedding-06165-2Green Wedding-06165-2 Green Wedding-06170-2Green Wedding-06170-2 Green Wedding-06199-2Green Wedding-06199-2 Green Wedding-06212-2Green Wedding-06212-2

Once the wedding started and the bride began to approach the aisle, I was in awe watching the way her father lovingly and proudly glanced at her as they began their walk to Austin, who was waiting and wiping away tears as the love of his life slowly made her way to him. Green Wedding-06435-2Green Wedding-06435-2 Green Wedding-06441-2Green Wedding-06441-2 Green Wedding-06426-2Green Wedding-06426-2Wiping the tears.. Green Wedding-06443-2Green Wedding-06443-2 Green Wedding-06462-2Green Wedding-06462-2 Green Wedding-06504-2Green Wedding-06504-2 Green Wedding-06563-2Green Wedding-06563-2 Green Wedding-06574-2Green Wedding-06574-2 Green Wedding-06607-2Green Wedding-06607-2 Green Wedding-06642-2Green Wedding-06642-2 Green Wedding-06653-2Green Wedding-06653-2 Green Wedding-06664-2Green Wedding-06664-2

This was the perfect venue for Bridal Portraits.

Green Wedding-06705-2Green Wedding-06705-2 Green Wedding-06708-2Green Wedding-06708-2 Green Wedding-06714-2Green Wedding-06714-2 Green Wedding-06717-2Green Wedding-06717-2 Green Wedding-06724-2Green Wedding-06724-2 Green Wedding-06730-2Green Wedding-06730-2 Green Wedding-06739-2Green Wedding-06739-2 Green Wedding-06749-2Green Wedding-06749-2 Green Wedding-06751-2Green Wedding-06751-2 Green Wedding-06755-2Green Wedding-06755-2 Green Wedding-06756-2Green Wedding-06756-2 Green Wedding-06767-2Green Wedding-06767-2 Green Wedding-06805-2Green Wedding-06805-2

The wedding was beautiful, placed in a country setting at Angel Springs Event Center in Georgetown, Texas not far from Round Rock.  The venue was just as a wedding venue should be: very private, with so many beautiful spots to capture the Bride and Groom and the inside was perfect for a reception backdrop.

Green Wedding-06896-2Green Wedding-06896-2 Green Wedding-07136-2Green Wedding-07136-2 Green Wedding-07155-2Green Wedding-07155-2 Green Wedding-07183-2Green Wedding-07183-2 Green Wedding-07192-2Green Wedding-07192-2 Green Wedding-07206-2Green Wedding-07206-2 Green Wedding-07210-2Green Wedding-07210-2

The grand exit was perfect! In royal fashion, they exited through a gauntlet of sparklers to their getaway car. This wedding is one I will never forget.

  Green Wedding-07323-2Green Wedding-07323-2 Green Wedding-07326-2Green Wedding-07326-2 Green Wedding-07331-2Green Wedding-07331-2 Green Wedding-07332-2Green Wedding-07332-2 Green Wedding-07338-2Green Wedding-07338-2 Green Wedding-07339-2Green Wedding-07339-2 Happy Anniversary!


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