The importance of photography in the age of Corona Virus

July 03, 2020  •  2 Comments

Photography has always been one of the most important things in my life. It is the driving force of each of my days, and has been my passion since I was young. However, with not a lot of money for film or for developing film, I sadly did not have the opportunity to go very far, until I was older. As I age and look for family photos, I am often devastated at the lack of images of family members and events that I want so badly to look back on. So as a professional photographer, I do my best to educate others as to the importance of capturing not just events but all those people in our lives that we so dearly love. Moments like this amazing family, just sharing the day together.

Moments Enshrined Photography Lifestyle Family Photos Washington_-5Moments Enshrined Photography Lifestyle Family Photos Washington_-5

The conversation almost always starts with "When someone has a fire or they know that a hurricane or other weather event is coming, what do they grab"? And the unanimous answer is always "family, then photos because everything else can be replaced". Then Corona Virus and now those people that mean the most, those family and friends that before we all thought we had plenty of time to capture; we are no longer sure we do. It has been a hard reminder that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Where I was so proud of what I do before, by giving families amazing memories to hold on to, I myself did not even realize just how important it really is. Covid has given me an even greater mission in my work and I am humbled to do what I can to provide families with ever lasting memories, like the image below.


So the next time you are wondering if professional photography is worth the expense, think back on someone you have lost and wonder what you would give for the opportunity to have beautifully captured memories to look back on. We will be here waiting to capture them for you.



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