Wedding Portrait Give Away

August 05, 2016  •  3 Comments

I have decided to give away a wedding portrait session. This is not coverage for a wedding, but a one hour session at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock to give a couple that may not have been able to get those special portraits of just the two of them, due to weather or time or even lack of funding.

In order to participate in the sweepstakes, you must LIKE our Facebook page , share the sweepstakes and comment. 5 Extra entries for following us on Google plus, Pinterest and Twitter and Instagram @ moments_enshrined. Once there you must share and comment on our sweepstakes post. The drawing will take place on October 1st. GOOD LUCK! DSC06715DSC06715


Lifestyle Photography and why I chose it.

August 04, 2016  •  3 Comments

I have had a love for photography for as long as I can remember! The history in the photographs was always so intriguing. Who was this person? What was their life like? Where was this photo taken? Who took it and what were they thinking when they snapped?

As I got older and decided on portraiture, one of the main decisions I had to make was what I wanted my specialty to be, and why did I want that specialty in the first place. In my thought process, I looked back on photos that were important to me, those of family and friends and what memories those photos represented. One thing that hit me hard was that the only professional photos that my family had taken where those very formal photos taken in a studio with those fake smiles and no real memories attached to them at all.

DSC03301A real emotion Beautiful couple taken in Bluehole park in Georgetown, Texas

It was at that moment that I decided to specialize in Lifestyle Family Portraiture (everything from infant to weddings and all those moments in between) because I could take my clients out and allow them to create memories in a beautiful setting so that when they looked back on those photos they would remember being out with their loved ones, tossing a ball, flying a kite, watching their little one dig into their first cake, playing in the flowers or rolling around playing in the field. To capture REAL memories for them means everything to me. Volozin-05283Volozin-05283

The second thing I had to determine was, would I have a studio or would I work with Natural Light (sunlight) and I chose Natural light. My reason for this was simple, to me, manufacturing light to much took away from that natural feeling I was capturing and would make it feel more like a studio session and less like I was just capturing the memories happening in front of me. Is it less perfect? At times it is less than perfect light, but I feel that my clients see those finished photos and memories and would choose it over the perfect manufactured photo every time. That is not to say that I don't enhance for the best effect for what I am capturing. Sanchez Logo-7Sanchez Logo-7


To see their child with a real smile, a real emotion. To see their fiance with that genuine look of love and admiration while they stroll together down a beautiful pathway or while they sit by the water enjoying each others company. Garcia Mullins Logo-Garcia Mullins Logo-

I just hope that the memories I capture for them become their most treasured possessions as they also mean the world to me. My work brings me tremendous joy. I am happy to share that will all of you!

By Alicia Donovan

Owner/Photographer of Moments Enshrined Photography


What to wear to your photo session

June 09, 2016  •  3 Comments

In my line of work, photography, one of the most asked questions is "what should I wear?".  I even created a page on my site to help guide my clients to get the best possible results. One of the things I stress is if your session is outdoors, which all of mine are, with the exception of weddings, and infants, then be sure to either dress in whites and creams to stand out or dress in bright colors that won't blend into the natural surroundings. For instance, if you will be surrounded by greenery and blue skies, then shades of green or blue, may not make you stand out from your surroundings the way you would like.

Here are a few great examples of beautiful families in appropriate colors for their surroundings.

The first example is a very clean and crisp style of dress for a beautiful and very elegant image.

Barhorst-01006Barhorst-01006A mommy's twins


The second is a bright colorful look that is also great to help your child stand out. Reds, Bright Yellows, Oranges, Vibrant Greens and Blues that are not muted work wonderful in natural settings. Yanta-09061Yanta-09061

In a group setting, always try to dress similar with colors that blend well,  but not exact. This way, each individual stands out yet everyone still has a beautiful cohesion which forms a beautiful portrait. As you can see, in the image example below, blues and greens can work in various shades in the right backgrounds. They are all in white and blue, and blend beautifully due to their varying shades and tones.

Duron-2-116Duron-2-116Love the sky

Another great tip is to always pick your outfits the night before your shoot to avoid a mad rush and problems right before a shoot when you could run out of time and with children it is best to have a backup outfit with you, in case of accidents!

Lastly, remember that the best props can be accessories; your jewelry, hats, boots, scarves etc. These can change a photo from plain to amazing, and just plain cute as you see in the accessories in this photo!



I hope that this has helped you in your attempt at the perfect outfit for your shoot! Good luck!!!!

Austin & Bianca Green Wedding by Round Rock Photographer Moments Enshrined Photography

September 23, 2015  •  5 Comments

Owning Moments Enshrined Photography in Round Rock, Texas and serving the Austin and Round Rock areas, I have been blessed to capture some beautiful life events. One of those very dear to my heart was the wedding of Austin Green and Bianca Gonzalez, and I thought, what better tribute to their upcoming wedding anniversary than to share my memories of this blessed event.

When this beautiful couple chose Moments Enshrined Photography and described this beautiful vision for their wedding, I was thrilled. An amazingly photogenic couple getting married in a beautiful country setting, Angel Springs Event Center in Georgetown, what more could a photographer ask for?

I found this wedding to be absolutely gorgeous, and such a beautiful couple, and well…..the photos say it all.

Green Wedding--3-2Green Wedding--3-2


I was in awe watching Bianca get ready. She was so calm and collected. Her radiant smile lit up the room and made everyone around her stop to admire her. I did my best to capture every detail for them, from her dress and shoes to their beautiful wedding rings. 

Green Wedding-06125Green Wedding-06125Beautiful dress and those Shoes! Green Wedding-06130Green Wedding-06130Showing off the rings!

Green Wedding-06145-2Green Wedding-06145-2Time for Makeup Green Wedding--7Green Wedding--7Lacing up the dress.

Green Wedding--2Green Wedding--2The veil

I bounced back and forth between Bianca and Austin, being as careful as I could to capture all those special moments between loved ones helping them get ready and friends readying themselves. The photo above was one of my favorites as I watched her proud father kiss her head, while capturing her bridal party softly watching them from the reflection in the mirror.  I couldn’t help but smile as I watched them both joking and laughing with loved ones with small quiet moments of reflection here and there. I felt so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful moment in their lives.

Green Wedding-06168-2Green Wedding-06168-2Straighten the tie... Green Wedding-06165-2Green Wedding-06165-2 Green Wedding-06170-2Green Wedding-06170-2 Green Wedding-06199-2Green Wedding-06199-2 Green Wedding-06212-2Green Wedding-06212-2

Once the wedding started and the bride began to approach the aisle, I was in awe watching the way her father lovingly and proudly glanced at her as they began their walk to Austin, who was waiting and wiping away tears as the love of his life slowly made her way to him. Green Wedding-06435-2Green Wedding-06435-2 Green Wedding-06441-2Green Wedding-06441-2 Green Wedding-06426-2Green Wedding-06426-2Wiping the tears.. Green Wedding-06443-2Green Wedding-06443-2 Green Wedding-06462-2Green Wedding-06462-2 Green Wedding-06504-2Green Wedding-06504-2 Green Wedding-06563-2Green Wedding-06563-2 Green Wedding-06574-2Green Wedding-06574-2 Green Wedding-06607-2Green Wedding-06607-2 Green Wedding-06642-2Green Wedding-06642-2 Green Wedding-06653-2Green Wedding-06653-2 Green Wedding-06664-2Green Wedding-06664-2

This was the perfect venue for Bridal Portraits.

Green Wedding-06705-2Green Wedding-06705-2 Green Wedding-06708-2Green Wedding-06708-2 Green Wedding-06714-2Green Wedding-06714-2 Green Wedding-06717-2Green Wedding-06717-2 Green Wedding-06724-2Green Wedding-06724-2 Green Wedding-06730-2Green Wedding-06730-2 Green Wedding-06739-2Green Wedding-06739-2 Green Wedding-06749-2Green Wedding-06749-2 Green Wedding-06751-2Green Wedding-06751-2 Green Wedding-06755-2Green Wedding-06755-2 Green Wedding-06756-2Green Wedding-06756-2 Green Wedding-06767-2Green Wedding-06767-2 Green Wedding-06805-2Green Wedding-06805-2

The wedding was beautiful, placed in a country setting at Angel Springs Event Center in Georgetown, Texas not far from Round Rock.  The venue was just as a wedding venue should be: very private, with so many beautiful spots to capture the Bride and Groom and the inside was perfect for a reception backdrop.

Green Wedding-06896-2Green Wedding-06896-2 Green Wedding-07136-2Green Wedding-07136-2 Green Wedding-07155-2Green Wedding-07155-2 Green Wedding-07183-2Green Wedding-07183-2 Green Wedding-07192-2Green Wedding-07192-2 Green Wedding-07206-2Green Wedding-07206-2 Green Wedding-07210-2Green Wedding-07210-2

The grand exit was perfect! In royal fashion, they exited through a gauntlet of sparklers to their getaway car. This wedding is one I will never forget.

  Green Wedding-07323-2Green Wedding-07323-2 Green Wedding-07326-2Green Wedding-07326-2 Green Wedding-07331-2Green Wedding-07331-2 Green Wedding-07332-2Green Wedding-07332-2 Green Wedding-07338-2Green Wedding-07338-2 Green Wedding-07339-2Green Wedding-07339-2 Happy Anniversary!

Bonilla Modeling & Acting Portfolio in Old Settlers Park

August 04, 2015  •  2 Comments

Recently I have had the pleasure to work with young Ms. Bonilla, she is working toward an acting career and needed some head shot photos done. She is an amazing little girl and I quickly found that she was very good at taking direction. She will be a great actress.

I am a natural light lifestyle and portrait photographer in the Round Rock area of our great State of Texas and my first thought for locations for these important photos was Old Settlers Park. This is a vast park with such amazing background options that I just couldn't think of a better place to capture all the moods and looks this young girl had to offer. We began with some photos to show her softer side,


Bonilla-06499Bonilla-06499A soft beautiful photo with wind blown hair. Bonilla Story Board-4Bonilla Story Board-4Showing us her deep thought and imagination.

We then moved on to show some more moody shots. This girl really does this so naturally.

Bonilla Story Board-5Bonilla Story Board-5Full of self esteem, she knows she has got something special. Bonilla Story Board-3Bonilla Story Board-3The many moods of an all American girl.

We wanted to be sure that we were also able to show her versatility in looks so we added some more props and let her act it out. She did amazing.

Going off to a new place, playfully walking away and stopping to smell the flowers as she goes.

Bonilla Story Board-6Bonilla Story Board-6Off to a new place, playfully walking away and stopping to smell the flowers as she goes. Bonilla Story Board-6Bonilla Story Board-6Off to a new place, playfully walking away and stopping to smell the flowers as she goes.

She finished so strong with a soft stare into the beyond, think about what her future will hold. I wish all her dreams come true!

Bonilla Story Board-8Bonilla Story Board-8A soft contemplation of the future.

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