20180606_ali_006320180606_ali_0063 20180606_ali_003720180606_ali_0037 SHORT BIO: My name is Alicia Donovan, Born in New Castle, PA and raised in New Bedford, PA. a child of four. Aspiring to be a photo journalist, I picked up a camera at a young age and shot everything I could. As often happens, events lead us in directions we did not intend to go, and rather than pursuing my photography, I instead moved forward with a career in insurance and finance that lasted for most of my adult life.

Every time I pick up my camera, I think, "how can I tell this story"? "How can I capture what is happening in front of me so that each and every time you look at it, you will get the instant warm feeling of your memories of you child, wedding, graduation or just that random fun day out with your family, to flood back into your mind". Like the smell of a warm cookie brings back memories of mom, I want these images to bring back your most precious moments.

I firmly believe that if you are going to be a professional, you should have the skills that come with the title. I started my skills off years ago by attending Austin Community College for Business Administration and Management so that I could efficiently serve my clientele, after coming back to the world of photography I have recently signed up to complete my degree in the Art field. I also attended and completed all classes offered at Austin School of Photography as well as took every opportunity to take numerous classes and workshops offered at Precision Camera and learned a lot of my valuable skills with my long time mentor and friend Alex Labry, who in his career has documented the Democratic Presidents as well as our local Texas House of Representatives from 1996-2003, taught photography at St Edwards for many years and so much more.

In the five years that I have been devoting my sweat and tears into building my professional photography business, I have shared in memories that will stay with me forever, the birth of beautiful babies, the beginnings of many love stories, children's milestones and graduations. I have spent my vacations capturing some of the most beautiful natural spaces that our United States has to offer in our national parks and finally became a published photo journalist. Published in Not In Door Magazine and in the Houston Press. My art has been shown at Round Rock Arts Gallery as well as I have taught workshops for them. Instruction being another love of mine, I also mentor new photographers. I hope this has giving you a short glimpse into who I am and that in choosing Moments Enshrined Photography you did not just choose a photographer, but an artist and  story teller that can't wait capture your memories and help you tell YOUR story!