I believe that it is important to have mentors and information available to those who wish to pursue their dreams. Because I find this so important I have decided to pass along my knowledge to those who wish to learn.

Moments Enshrined will be offering beginners classes to begin in July. Stay tuned here for updates. Below are some of the topics that will be covered. Classes will start at $99 per course or $499 for a 6 to 8 week course.

I.    Learning to use your DSLR -This is our beginner course where you will learn to shoot in manual mode.


II.   Advanced-                           This course you will learn camera tricks. How to freeze motion, show motion, depth of field and some light.


III.  Lighting-                             A greater look into how a photographer works with available light and when to add light.


IV.  Portraiture-                          This course will teach basics on posing, and lighting on a human and pet subject. 


V.   Landscape Photography-     A base course in Landscape and Lighting.


VI. Basic Lightroom and Photoshop via on line access to courses or in person classes at an additional fee.   


Courses are Mentoring Courses where I pass on my expertise and knowledge to you on location. These are not book or classroom courses. However you will have some internet instruction. I am excited to pass on my knowledge. Hope to see you there.