Sports Collage Tutorial


Cross-125Cross-125SOOC SOOC

First you need to import your image into Photoshop and if RAW do any necessary adjustments on each photo for lighting, shadowing, etc. to match.

  1. Once you are ready to work with the images, open your primary image and create a copy layer.
  2. Go to File, Place Embedded and select the first image you wish to have added to your collage.
  3. Once it has been added, add a mask.
  4. Go to your brush and select a soft brush. Make sure you use a black brush and remove any unwanted portions for the image you don’t wish to show on the original image. Once all is carefully removed, go to your layer and lower the opacity to achieve your desired look.
  5. Repeat for each image you wish to add until finished adding images.
  6. You can now sharpen, adjust shadows or fine tune with your curves.
  7. Add any vignette or a matte or effect at this time
  8. Save and export!

Cross-125 Sports Collage 1Cross-125 Sports Collage 1

To turn B&W with front subject in color, turn black and white, add a mask, using your black brush remove the B&W effect from just your main subject. If you make a mistake, go back to your white brush to put the effect back on any areas you did not mean to remove it from.