Coordinate Don't Match

You want to stand out from each other where each person becomes an important subject in the photo. Remember if you want the colors in your photos to pop, you need to wear a color that is bright enough to pop it. Neutral Colors are beautiful and timeless if you want that look. If your looking for a deeply colorful photographer your primary colors Reds, Yellows, Bright Blues (not necessary navy) and  Bright Greens may to the way to go.



Take inspiration from your home decor


Look around your home. Does what your wearing  go with your color scheme? Will you be happy with them on the wall?


Love your accessories

Accessories add to your outfit and they add to your photographs. Radical Hats, Jewlery for children to play with, or a scarf, tie or any other accessory can add playfulness in  photos . These items help you to be at easy and show your personality!


Limit Patterns

Patterns are distracting in photos. They can take the focus from the subject, YOU!


Plan our your wardrobe in advance!

Once you book your session date you should begin thinking about the outfits your family will wear. This helps to insure that you have a good, stress free session with no wardrobe issues.


Say No To Characters and Large Logos!

Children may fight for their favorite character shirt, but remember these are professional photos your paying for. Characters will, just like a pattern, distract from the focus of the photo.


Avoid opposite sides of the color spectrum

Wearing light and dark will draw more light to the white than the dark and can make your body look disproportionate.  Stick with one or the other and you’ll look great!



Think Timeless

Your photos will be around for years. Choose something with a timeless feel so that you always enjoy displaying them.


These are tips, Not the Rule! You want to look your best and feel confident in your decision!